• 12 Chapters

  • Online Virtual Mastermind Session Offered

  • Minimum Participants Per Mastermind Group: 8

  • Maximum Participants Per Mastermind Group: 12

  • Duration of the Mastermind Group: 4 Weeks

  • Length of the Mastermind Session: 90 minutes (once a week)

  • Language: English


  • Also offered as 6 hours live in-person Seminar for Groups

  • Fees: Contact us

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Grow your business through your partnership with Les Brown.

  • Embody what it means to be a “Product of the Product.”

  • Embrace the journey – commit to the Seven Steps.

  • Recognize the best way to host a “Lunch & Learn.”

  • Identify the different types of events.

  • Implement different tools and strategies when conducting seminars.

  • Display your meeting space and venue.

  • Work with and/or partner with corporate sponsors and vendors.

  • Apply the most effective marketing strategies for your next event.

  • Implement a lucrative referral and networking strategy.

Get ready to expand your business and increase revenue like a seasoned pro. You have probably attended and/or heard of seminars hosted by successful entrepreneurs and businesses. This course will provide a step-by-step process on how to take your message to the masses and build your business.  You may have heard the axiom “Networking is key” – it’s not just a modern saying – it is the truth when it comes to wealth-building and market expansion. This course consists of twelve lessons (videos, workbook, and script) and is designed to help you understand, develop, and implement successful tools and strategies for your next seminar.  You will learn about pricing, location, different types of events, meeting display, and most importantly; being a Product of the Product.