is this you?

Self-Blame & Self-Sabotaged

Over Stressed

No Progress or Growth

Lost & Totally Confused

Tired & Frustrated

No Positive Result


You are into Personal Development and want to remove negative emotions and limiting decisions, augmenting self-confidence and self-esteem and Goal setting.

You are into Business and want to improve communication, negotiation, strategies, sales and management skills.

You are into Counselling / Coaching / Therapy and want to bring about changes by unraveling the patterns, emotions or habits that are dis-empowering.

You are into Education & Training and you want to improve the learning patterns, memory, training and teaching design methods.

You are into Parenting and want to foster better communication with children.

If Yes, Welcome to 

NLP Practitioner Course for

Personal Transformation & Excellence

Achieve Your Breakthrough Goals Faster & Easier Than You Thought Ever Possible 


  • Why is one man sad and other man happy?

  • Why is one man joyous and prosperous and other man poor and miserable?

  • Why is one man fearful and anxious and another full of faith and confidence?

  • Why does one man have a beautiful luxurious home while another man lives out in a slum?

  • Why one man is great success and another an abject failure?

  • Why is one speaker outstanding and immensely popular and another mediocre & unpopular? 

  • Why is one man a genius in his work or profession while the other man toils and moils all his life without doing or accomplishing anything worthwhile?

  • Why is one man healed of a so-called incurable disease and other isn't?

  • Why is one women happily married and her sister very unhappy and frustrated



In today’s world we know that working smarter not harder moves us forward with ease. We know that more and more people are seeking happiness, freedom and purpose in life. And, we know that if you know what you want, you can get it.


So what stops people from getting what they want? What stops people from living their best life?


Here’s what we know about people

  • Most people today know that there is more and better for them, but don’t know how to get it.

  • Often unconscious patterns of emotion, thought & behaviour that get in the way of success.

  • Less than 5% of people will actually take action on their top goals due to a fear of failure.

  • Some people have not given themselves permission to live their best life.

  • Many people don’t really know what they want.

  • People want to find a quick fix to solve their issues.

This is where MINDTUNING comes in!

The name “MINDTUNING” is derived from the important role that the mind plays in the shaping of a person’s thinking processes and emotions, as well as the physical and behavioural aspect of a person’s being. Therefore, depending on what the person has learnt to focus their attention on, or “tune” into, that will tend to shape who they are and how they choose to live their lives.

So by re-tuning or learning to pay attention to different stimuli, a person can develop the capacity to question, challenge and change what have learnt. Re-tuning is learning new ways to behave, think and feel about situations, and if those new ways are based on positive, simple and clear understandings then the possibilities for change are endless.

NLP is a methodology for success – it assists you to identify where you are, what you want and contains a huge amount of techniques that will help you to change what isn’t working, enhance what is working and create new patterns along the way.

Also, these skills are so versatile that they can be used with other people! So, parents, coaches, trainers, teachers, managers, leaders, therapists, sales professionals, health care providers – this means you!

Whatever you bring to the coursewhether it's a desire to release old baggage, to get through challenges, to become more motivated, to become a better communicator or simply operate at higher levels of excellence, NLP gives you the tools & techniques you need to free yourself of this negative cycle and be able to achieve your goals. 


NLP tools and techniques will help free yourself of the baggage that has prevented you from achieving your goals in life and help you improve your relationship with yourself and others to achieve your desired results.

Give yourself the gift of two days to get to know yourself better and to actualize your good intentions – to improve relationships, enhance the quality of your life, or boost your peace of mind or self-esteem.

As a result you are likely to be an easier to live with, more effective in your career, more comfortable with yourself and with a clearer idea of what you want from life - and how to go about getting it.


At the end of the course you will be able to apply the new learning and skills you have acquired as a Certified NLP Practitioner to whatever field of work you are in, whether that be human resources, education, sales, management, therapy, or business.

You will be able to

• Create instant rapport with others
• Enhance your sensory awareness
• Process information and communicate in ways that help you connect with all people
• Utilize the structure of language to create positive thought patterns in yourself and others
• Recreate and model excellence
• Understand the decision making processes and other behavior strategies
• Gain control of your internal representations
• Overcome procrastination, depression and phobias
• Accelerate your personal and professional growth and success

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Benefits of NLP

The benefits that can be achieved through NLP are vast. Here are just a few examples of what is possible


Personal Development

  • NLP can help individuals with challenges large and small in life, whether they are to overcome problems or increase performance:

  • Change, adopt or eliminate behaviours as you desire

  • Choose your mental, emotional and physical states at any time!

  • Communicate more effectively with anyone you meet and even yourself!

  • Remove limiting beliefs

  • Access powerful internal resources

  • Get the results you want

  • Lead the life you want and deserve!

And all that means:

Being who you want to be, doing what you want to do, or having what you want to have, either personally or professionally.



NLP is already extremely popular in the business world, with many organisations and consultants utilising a variety of NLP techniques to get businesses great results and quickly:

  • Improve people management and motivational leadership

  • Build rapport with employees, customers and suppliers

  • Communicate effectively to employees, customers and suppliers

  • Develop presentation skills that really communicate to your audience and put you steps ahead of the competition

  • Set up and run effective action based meetings – maximising time and results

  • Recruit and plan succession management effectively– get the right person for the right job and at the right time

  • Use strategies to maximise buying and selling opportunities

  • Maximise advanced negotiating and influencing techniques

  • Apply effective problem solving techniques

  • Optimise sales using the 5 step sale process

  • Remove limiting beliefs for self and team freeing you to achieve optimum performance

And all that means:

  • Increased efficiencies and productivity

  • Improved business performance

  • More time to focus on results and not problems

  • More content and motivated employees

  • Staff development

  • Reduced staff turnover

  • More satisfied customers

  • A healthier bottom line!!



NLP offers many key techniques to support sports people in achieving their performance goals and is well recognised throughout the sports world:

  • Establishing achievable goals

  • Increasing motivation

  • Removal of limiting beliefs

  • Reconnection with positive internal resources

  • Modelling excellence in the field and applying to self for consistent positive results



It is recognised scientifically that there is a mind body connection i.e. our minds affect our bodies, positively and negatively. NLP is a valuable set of techniques to support both those working in the field of health and individuals who want good health for themselves.

For the practitioner:

  • More effective communication skills with clients improving diagnosis and treatment

  • Improved business management across all areas

  • Broad range of techniques to improve health and wellbeing with clients

  • For the individual:

  • improve health

  • reduce stress

  • increase energy

  • engage the mind's ability to heal the body itself

  • adoption of beliefs and attitudes to support health and wellbeing


Training/ Education

  • Teachers and trainers can apply NLP in many learning environments to maximise the learning of individuals and groups:

  • develop effective presentation skills

  • adapt language to individual preferences

  • maximise learning strategies

  • adapt to individual learning styles and preferences

  • Empower your children and help them develop self-esteem

  • Be a very skilful life coach

  • Sell products or services - ethically or unethically

  • Grow your business or develop your managerial abilities

  • Seduce people

  • Be an empowering leader

  • Be a more effective therapist

  • Be better in your chosen sport

  • Con people out of their money

  • Motivate people with whom you live or work

  • Help people overcome fears and phobias

  • Improve your results as an educator

  • Contribute to your community

  • Improve your game of golf, sailing, basketball, etc

  • Become a better friend to yourself or others.

NLP in the Corporate World

In recent years, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has gained much traction in the corporate world with countless organisations wanting to inculcate it within their leadership and management teams.

For those aspiring to enhance their management and leadership capabilities, NLP has fast become a valuable skills plug-in that many professionals use to extend and fine-tune their ability to coach, encourage, motivate, and manage those whom they have positive influence over.

Incorporating NLP into your professional repertoire will allow you to develop the skills, the attitude and the behavioural flexibility with which to enhance your performance in a world of complex corporate relationships, rigid corporate structures, cross-functional responsibilities and highly stressed workforces.


Throughout this course you will gain a thorough understanding into a full range of NLP techniques and approaches, and how they can be used to change self-limiting beliefs, become more centred and resolve inner and outer conflicts. You will also learn the latest powerful communication and influence tools, along with many other techniques - aimed at gaining an edge in the tough environment that many people find themselves living in today.

Upon completion, you will be able to take on greater challenges and more responsibility, therefore making you a far more valuable resource to any organisation or group of people in either a professional or personal context.

What You Will Learn


You will learn:

•  To be a powerful and inspirational communicator

•  To be highly skilled at reading non-verbal communication

•  To increase your sensory and (un)conscious awareness

•  To master your thinking and emotional states

•  To remove unnecessary fears and phobias

•  To empower and motivate

•  To develop strong personal and business relationships

•  To create success and achieve results

•  To change unwanted behaviors in yourself and others

•  To effectively elicit information from others


  • Presuppositions of NLP

  • Present to desired state model

  • Well formedness conditions for outcomes

  • State management

  • Rapport

  • Pacing and leading

  • Sensory acuity

  • Calibration

  • Representational systems (sensory predicates and accessing cues)

  • Association, dissociation and perceptual positions

  • Accessing and building resources

  • Meta model

  • Milton model

  • Anchoring (basic, stacking, collapsing, chaining)

  • Submodalities (analogue, digital, critical and driver)

  • Swish pattern

  • Standard belief change

  • Strategies

  • Pattern interrupts

  • NLP frames

  • Outcome frame

  • Backtrack frame

  • Relevancy frame

  • As if frame

  • Open frame

  • Discovery frame

  • Agreement frame

  • Reframing

  • Content/context reframe

  • 6 Step reframe

  • Spotting and utilising incongruity

  • Visual squash

  • New behaviour generator

  • Chunking and sequencing

  • Basic timeline work

  • Logical levels

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Rs. 29,990  (USD 467.00)

Certification & Accreditation

On the successful completion of the course, certificate signed personally by Farookh Sensei is awarded by Farookh Sensei Learning Edge International (P) Ltd .  

In the world of NLP training, there is no official government or legally agreed standard and no internationally agreed certification standard. There is also no official or agreed course content and there is wide variation in number of training days or levels of competency.  There are no written standards for teaching NLP, however, many people have come together to create structure that is common and creates a possibility of common understanding. They created associations, boards, and accreditation bodies to profess how they believe NLP should be taught


Nobody owns NLP.  NLP is a public domain entity.  NLP was created by Dr Richard Bandler and Dr John Grinder and at a later stage many other developers like Tad James, Robert Dilts, Michael Hall, Wyatt Woodsmall among others contribute to make NLP what it is today

There are a number of groups, organisations, and associations, and governing bodies who have set up their own standards by creating certification and accreditation schemes in order to reflect how they believe NLP should be taught, practiced and accredited. These organisations often differ considerably in their opinion and objectives. Each organisation usually has a different set of criteria and none are mandatory to join or achieve training through. Many training providers choose not to affiliate themselves with any certification or accreditation bodies.

Farookh Sensei Learning Edge International (P) Ltd is an independent organisation, which is not affiliated with any specific training school, we offer a universal Accreditation Scheme.

Accommodation and lunch are NOT included! There are plenty of tourist homes & restaurants nearby to suit all budgets and tastes as this is the centre of the town.

Maximum number of participants: 10 (Ten)

Venue : Farookh Sensei Learning Edge (Farookh Sensei's Personal Office cum Coaching Studio)

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100 Reasons Why You Should Attend NLP Courses

01. You will truly feel great, perhaps properly for the first time ever in your life

02. You will finally be able to change your moods quickly and effectively

03. You will feel Empowered for the simple reason you know exactly how to feel better about anything

04. You will begin a journey of understanding yourself 

05. You will now experience people's behavior in a way that doesn't frustrate you 

06. Your Impossibles become Possibles

07. You will see peoples behavior as clues to learn more about how to connect with them

08. People will suddenly think of you as a person who can read their mind

09. You will be able to understand what is not beings said and qualify it

10. You will know how other people actually make a decision 

11. You will know how to motivate any individual after spending just a few moments with them

12. You will become an expert communicator

13. You will know how to continuously Improve yourself

14. You will know what a "Meta monster" is 

15. You will be able to adopt the successful habits of others and get similar results for yoursef easily

16. You will know what questions to ask to get to the real answers you want

17. You will know how to predict a persons next move

18. You will learn how to communicate with a difficult person and influence them to adopt new behavior 

19. You will have the tools to change your whole life, for the rest of your life

20. You will be able to help other people change their minds and their actions too

21. You will be able to do more than you ever thought you could with what you had before

21. You will become better at strategic games

22. You will be able to turn an argument into an agreement

23. You will know how to be more popular than you are now

24. You will know how to calm yourself down and be confident in a highly stressful situation

25. You will know how to overcome any fear of Phobia

26. You will learn how to really engage with anyone in a short space of time (even those you don't care for) 

27. You will learn what your own problems are and the necessary steps to solve them 

28. You will know how to be a better partner, family member, Employee, Employer than you were before

29. You will find a way to apply NLP and gain success in all your situations as they show up 

30. You will learn how to encourage yourself from the inside out, even on a "Bad" Day 

31. You will know how to go from Goal Setting to actual action each step by step

32. You will know how to motivate others to achieve results with win win outcomes 

33. You will know when and how to speak in a conversation

34. You will Understand much more about what is not being said in communication and why that is important

35. You will know exactly how to make the best decision for yourself

36. You will become a better parent, and relate to children even better than before

37. You will know how to ask for what you want and get it, without having a tantrum with anyone

38. You will Learn how to understand what makes any person more energized, happy and accommodating

39. You will know how to use your own mind more effectively Improving each and every day 

40. You will know how to turn people on or off, you and your ideas

41. You will be able to convince people of things they should or should not do by using their own objects

42. You will be able to use Non verbal communication to persuade other people to make better choices

43. You will be able to suggest unconscious ideas to people that they then act on (for their own good)

44. You will be able to Negotiate more powerfully than ever before 

45. You will learn how to listen to a person's words to know how they secretly feel about their choices

46. You will know when a person is really into you and tuned in and how to keep them there

47. You will know how to find out the real thing a person is afraid of in a negotiation or sale

48. You will know how to gain the tools to improve any business or personal relationship in your life

49. You will know how to get noticed when you were used to being overlooked before

50. You will know how to be appealing to the opposite gender even if you don't consider yourself good looking

51. You will learn how to instantly energize yourself even when you are really tired or down 

52. You will learn how to gain friends easily in any social setting 

53. You will learn how to stop a negative thinking loop that kept you stuck for years in seconds 

54. You will know how to create a vortex of helpful emotions in another person at the drop of a dime

55. You will Learn how to become a better Presenter than before

56. You will Learn how to become easier to get along with no matter how awful you were before

57. You will learn how to change your paradigm quickly changing unhappy programming once and for all

58. You will be able to gauge when you are being effective and when you are not and when to Shift gears

59. You will be able to use language patterns that influence people instantly

60. You will be able to improve your critical thinking and become more resourceful by habit

61. You will be able to reprogram a troubling past event or memory to something much better

62. You will be able to change how you are connecting to your emotions when you are Angry, Sad or Mad

63. You will be able to enjoy better sexual experiences, including gaining more pleasure each time 

64. You will learn how to gain a more youthful appearance, and turn over a new leaf  

64. You will learn how to kick a Rotten habit that you no longer want

65. You will learn how to become the most Influential and persuasive person you know

66. You will learn how to read faster gaining more understanding than ever before

67. You will learn how to become the voice or reason in times of extreme pressure

68. You will know what buttons to push in order to get a direct pleasing win win result

69. You can change the way you are behaving even if you have been doing it for a lifetime

70. You can change your life from fearful to cheerful 

71. You can help a person to feel calm in an extreme emergency 

72. You can help a child to learn better in spite of any learning disability

72. You can help somebody who is stuck in an addiction 

73. You can overcome an addiction yourself

74. You can Make learning anything more interesting and appealing

75. You can teach teams to work well together

76. You can help managers become for effective leaders 

77. You can become more productive personally and professionally, finally overcoming procrastination

78. You can create an agreement of peace even with an Enemy 

79. You can learn exactly how to ace any interview

80. You can learn how to profile the right personality for the right job 

81. You can become better in your profession/career (Physician, Dentist, Nurse, P.A, Hospital Staff)

82. You can become a better Entertainer, Actor, Performer of any kind

83. You can learn how to reduce your own stress and start a fresh each time

85. You can learn how to manage your time better

86. You can learn how to be a better Artist, Musician, Dancer

87. You can mend rifts in broken relationships and get them flowing nicely again

88. You can learn how to lead people to do better and want to follow your lead 

89. You can learn how to modify or stop your intake or Alcohol, Food, Drugs, Cigarettes, Sweets

90. You can learn how to change the emotional impact of people who criticize you

91. You can learn how to overcome fears that have held you captive for far to long

92. You can Learn how to achieve the results you want each time and with precision

93. You can get control of your own life with real tools to commit to take daily action   

94. You can impress Everyone that knew you before you were this progressive

95. You can read people's eye expressions and know where they are going in their brain for answers

96. You can create a life story that makes you feel happy and empowered

97. You can Help other people in their lives in a way that changes their whole experience

98. You can shift your thinking that changes how you do everything, and you can keep fine tuning it

99. You can Finally Live the life you were afraid to dream of before

100.You can dare to begin to experience your best year ever

(Courtesy to: Nadia Harper)


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