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Is This You?


Do your limiting beliefs stop you from public speaking or starting a conversation with others? Do you feel that you are not good at connecting with people?  

  • Do you find yourself getting nervous and forgetting how to talk to another human being?

  • Do you have things on your mind, but when you are put on the spot, your mind goes blank?

  • Does your heart start to race every time you have an interaction with strangers?

  • Do you find overwhelming when you are in the middle of large masses?

  • Do you have a fear of talking on the phone?



If Yes, 

Keep reading ... This is for You!


As an introvert, these thoughts always kept me away from the limelight. I hardly attended parties, celebrations, events, conferences, weddings and large gatherings.  I was drawn only to places that involved independence. Being around lots of people drained my energy. I liked to be with a small group of close friends.    


One of the most painful problems most of the people face today is the lack of confidence to interact with others. It is our lack of confidence, experience, consistency, proper feedback, momentum, coaching & mentoring, accountability and lack of proper training that stops us from becoming the person we want to be. 

Are you looking for fun? Are you looking for recognition? Are you looking for a change? Do you want to be the change so you could change others who are going through the same situation you are currently going through? 

You’re about to discover a formula that will double your chance to break barriers and win friends much faster and easier than you ever thought possible



Today Is Your Most Important Day Because ...

I'm going to share with you the Secret of Influence to double your productivity and get more things done as practiced by the world’s top achievers.


Just know I've spent countless hours trying to compile all these secrets for you. So be rest assured that these tried and proven methods will be a real life-changer.


And here's your golden opportunity to upgrade your life to the next level.


There is no way in the world you will achieve your goals and attain the level of success you wanted... if you don’t possess an effective Influencing skill.


Today, I’m sharing with you the method that had brought me immense wealth, health and success to implement into your future.


Today, I’m handing you a rare opportunity to discover the power of increasing your productivity in helping you achieve your ultimate goal. 


Your frustration ends here.



I kept doing the same thing I always did and kept getting the same results I always got until I was challenged by my own martial art teacher who said: "You can never be a champion".  That challenging statement changed my life forever. 37 years back I was sitting in front of my home in India, contemplating what I wanted to do with my life. I was a 16 years old school dropout. I asked myself: “If I don’t want to study anymore, what do I want to do?” My mind said: “I want to become a coach, a martial arts coach who can build confidence in others."


So, who am I?

From a school dropout to World Record holder in International Aviation Studies; from a lazy fat boy to 4 times National Karate Champion of India & Asian Brand Ambassador to represent two World Karate Championships; from a medically unfit Pilot trainee to a 5 Star Airline Instructor training experienced pilots including Captains flying Super Jumbo Airbus A380s; from a shy guy to a Personal Transformation & leadership Excellence Coach to conduct training in more than 50 countries worldwide; from a horrible student to Amazon International Best Selling Author!


I have applied The Influence Mastery in my personal and professional life.  Today for the first time I am going to share these techniques with you online

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I'm going to share with you the secret to better influence, double your productivity and get more things done as practiced by the world’s top achievers.

Just know I've spent countless hours trying to compile all these secrets for you. So be rest assured that these tried and proven methods will be a real life-changer.

There is no way in the world you will achieve your goals and attain the level of success you wanted... if you don’t possess the skill to influence people effectively.

You will start seeing improvements to your level of productivity as soon as you apply the 10 principles I am going to share with you

In this 18 Chapter course, you will be learning 10 simple, yet powerful ways to be an influencer and win people even if you have no confidence. 

Benefits of Influencing as a Leader:

1. Build Trust With Your Co-Workers.
2. Cultivate Reliability Through Consistency.
3. Be Assertive, Not Aggressive.
4. Be Flexible. 
5. Be Personal. 
6. Focus on Actions Rather Than Argument. 
7. Listen to Others. 

 Introducing ...

How To Be An Influencer And Win People


Connect with people much faster and easier than you thought ever possible…

Engage, empower and inspire people by adding value to their lives

Have a team of leaders who are ready to support you in your mission   


VALUE US$ 197.00 (INR 14,000)



Free Bonus # 1 

Self-Confidence Transformation

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Being confident changes everything.

When you’re confident, you give off a strong social signal that changes the way people interact with you. Suddenly, you are the alpha (yes, women can be alpha too!).

Suddenly, you are the person to impress, the person to know. You become more in-demand, your bosses take notice of you, the opposite sex wants to be around you.
When you’re confident in yourself, you gain the supreme contentment and esteem that comes with knowing who you are and liking that person.

The problem? Many of us will never reach that point. Many of us just don’t like who we are. We feel unworthy. Or perhaps you like yourself but you’re just too shy and anxious to speak up.

This video course will show you how to boost your confidence, overcome social anxiety, and empower your life for success.

You will learn:


  • 5 Easy Tricks to Stay Calm In a Stressful Situation•    

  • 5 Style Tips That Will Boost Your Confidence

  • 5 Ways Life is Better When You Feel More Confident

  • Confident Body Language for Anyone

  • How to be more Assertive While Still Gaining Respect

  • How to have 100% Certainty in Your Entrepreneurial Venture

  • How to Overcome Social Anxiety Easily

  • How to Speak More Confidently in Any Situation

  • Quick Ways to Boost Your Confidence

  • Three Things You're Doing That Damage Your Confidence

VALUE US$ 97.00 (INR 6900)



Free Bonus # 2 

Motivation Mojo

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If you are feeling demotivated, lack of energy, losing focus, and being unproductive maybe you are experiencing the “motivation meltdown'.

You don’t feel motivated. You feel like you just want to quit your job and do nothing for the rest of your life. Nothing excites you anymore.

Almost everyone will experience this mental dilemma that destroyed so many souls.

If you are looking for effective ways to feed your fire so that you can accomplish greater goals in life, be it personal or professional goals then this video course is for you.


With this video course you will:

  • Become the best version of yourself

  • Be more energetic, positive, and enthusiastic

  • Achieve any goals you set in life no matter how big they are

  • Unleash your fullest potential

  • Live a meaningful life

  • Become a top performer in your personal & professional life

  • Attract more success & abundance into your life

  • Stay driven for a long time, knowing that life is not a sprint but a long marathon

  • Stay laser focused on your big goals, not allowing any distractions to rob them from living their dream life


Topics covered:

  • What Is Motivation?

  • The Mind Game of Motivation

  • What is De-Motivation?

  • Motivation in Your Personal Life

  • Mastering Your Mistakes

  • Misconceptions About Motivation

  • How Can You Keep Yourself Motivated?

  • Motivation; The Hero and The Villain

VALUE US$ 97.00 (INR 6900)



What is included in this Package

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Video Course # 1:

How To Be An Influencer And Win People 

Value: US$ 197.00

Video Course # 2:

Self-Confidence Transformation  

Value: US$ 97.00

Video Course # 3:

Motivation Mojo  

Value: US$ 97.00

Total Value US$ 391.00 (INR 27000.00)

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Only US$ 9.97 (INR 700.00)

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