How To Start a Successful

Online School

within a Week for less than rs.100K and

Turn Your Hobby into a Business with

Zero Experience!


  • Highly Interactive Online Course

  • Maximum Participants Per Course: 20

  • Duration of the Course: 6 Hours (excluding breaks)

  • Investment: US Dollars 97.00 or Indian Rupees 3000


18 February 2018

09:00 to 16:00 Indian Standard Time


  • Language: English 


Equipment required to attend this training

  • Laptop/computer with Internet connection and audio and video devices


What Will You Learn

  • Learn how to build your online course in one week if you can work on it full time, or four weeks part-time

  • Create Income From Your Knowledge & Skills Faster By Discovering Your Best Course Idea

  • Earn More Money From Each Course By Discovering How To Correctly Price Your Course & Set Income Goals

  • Learn How To Quickly Outline Your Online Course In Order To Create The Most Profitable Course Possible

  • Find Out The EASY Way To Record Your High-Quality Online Course

  • Discover How To Create A High Converting, Highly Profitable Sales Page & Promo Video

  • How To Quickly Build Your Own Email List Of Fans & Customers For Life! HUGE!

  • Discover How To Create The Most Profitable & Effective Course Promotion and Sales System Available Anywhere

  • Keep Your Income & Profits Flowing Permanently and Automatically Even After Your Course Launch With An Evergreen Automated Personal Launch System!



  • Learn how to make money online and create income from your Skills + Knowledge + Passions by teaching online courses with this simple and fast step by step system. Learn: How to make a Udemy course.


  • Don't just earn income from one task or job at a time! Record what you do and what you know as an online course, then share that knowledge and sell that same course over and over again to thousands of people! 


  • It's the same business model as writing a book, or creating a software program, or recording a song. Create your product once, then sell copies of it many times. That's how you scale and leverage your time like authors, software developers, or musicians do...


  • Transform yourself from someone who trades money for hours, and can only make as much money as you have hours to trade...


  • ...Into someone who invests several hours creating an awesome online course, then gets paid for those same hours and that course over and over again! Learn: How to create an online course.


  • In this course, you will learn how to make money online, step-by-step, by quickly creating your own, high quality online course...


  • ... And you will also learn how to market and sell your course FASTER, and at HIGHER PRICES, with a product launch system. Learn: How to make money online.


Who is the target audience?
•    If you'd like the freedom to earn a healthy income, working where and when you want, then this course is for you!
•    This is the course for you if you'd like to discover how to sell high price online courses in a shorter time period
•    This is the perfect course for someone who's ready to build their own email list of fans & customers
•    This course is also perfect for you if you're Just starting out online & want to build a business
•    This is the ideal course for you if you already have a product or service and want to add another revenue source
•    You're perfect for this course if you need to monetize your current fan base & email list
•    This course is also ideal for you if you already create online courses and you want to boost your sales
•    This course is not for you if you're looking for a get rich quick system, as the program outlined in this course does        
take some time and effort

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