Identifying Time Killer


Before you can begin to learn how to concentrate better on the tasks that you need to accomplish each day, you first need to know where your time goes. There are a number of time killers that destroy your focus without your knowledge. (Continued below....)

The Biggest Time Killers

Ask yourself this question and answer it honestly: Do you pick up your phone every time that you receive a notification? 

If you answered “yes” to that question, then you’ve identified your first-time killer. By picking up your phone repeatedly throughout the day, you are destroying your focus.  Whichever task you were working on was interrupted as your attention moved to your phone. 

There are several other important time killers to identify.  Some of these may sound familiar:

1. Facebook and YouTube 2. Your email inbox 3. Non-work related conversations 4. The internet 

In order to identify the time killers that are destroying your focus, you need to spend a day observing your activities. Write down everything that you do, keeping a running list on a piece of paper on your desk. 

Yes, this can be a time killer in and of itself, but it will help you see where your time goes. For example, you might notice that you spent 30 minutes on your personal Facebook account, or that you stop what you’re doing and pick up your phone every time that it goes off. 

By tracking your time and activities, you’ll know what you need to eliminate in order to improve your concentration. 

Distractions Destroy Your Focus

The problem with these distractions is that they destroy your focus.  Constantly starting and stopping an activity is no way to succeed. You’ll spend more time getting back into the proper mindset than you do working on the task. On top of this, by frequently going back to this same task every time you get interrupted, you spend more time on it than necessary. 

As a result, your list of projects will just end up getting longer. 

Farookh Sensei