The curriculum will teach you critical principles that will shape your growth and development in the following key areas:

  • Session 1 – Relationships - You will learn how to: Relate to others better as you understand these relational rules and add value to people to help them reach their full potential 

  • Session 2 – Equipping - You will learn how to: Recognize and build on the leadership potential in those around you and apply teamwork laws that will help you take others to a higher level 

  • Session 3 – Attitude - You will learn how to: Improve your attitude through daily practices, understand the affect your attitude has on you and those around you and adopt an attitude that makes challenges easier to overcome 

  • Session 4 – Leadership - You will learn how to: Emulate what successful leaders do to remain at the top, lead others successfully to where you have gone and beyond and influence others from the heart and not just the head.

As you work through these sessions, take the time to fill out all of the notes and complete the exercises. Remind yourself that anything worth owning - in this case, How to be a REAL Success - is worth an investment of time. Approach this course with the knowledge that, upon completion, you will be better equipped to keep the pace and grow with other team members.

  • Mastermind Session Offered: Virtually (Online)

  • Minimum Participants Per Mastermind Group: 5

  • Maximum Participants Per Mastermind Group: 8

  • Duration of the Mastermind Group: 8 Weeks

  • Length of the Mastermind Session: 90 minutes (once a week)

  • Language: English

  • Fees: $............

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