• 15 Chapters

  • Mastermind Session Offered: Virtually (Online)

  • Minimum Participants Per Mastermind Group: 5

  • Maximum Participants Per Mastermind Group: 8

  • Duration of the Mastermind Group: 8 Weeks

  • Length of the Mastermind Session: 90 minutes (once a week)

  • Language: English

  • Fees: $............

Powerful and dynamic speakers succeed because they project themselves into what they are saying so strongly that the audience can actually see, feel and share their energy. They add drama and excitement to every presentation, no matter what the topic may be. They have a confident, credible command of the subject and an unmistakable, charismatic appeal. Dynamic power speakers are able to seize the moment by controlling the pace and flow of the information and the emotional energy that they send out to the audience. Most people refer to this quality as a natural presence. It is also said that they own their space.


This quality does not come naturally. Most dynamic speakers work hard to develop these seemingly unrehearsed skills. The reason they seem so natural is that they have practiced, practiced and practiced. With practice, you, too, can develop the unique delivery style that will distinguish you from the crowd.


Here you will learn how to become the speaker you truly want to be. This course will teach you all the insides and out’s. After you have mastered the art of speaking, then you can use the resources in this section to teach others the Les Brown way of How To Tell Your Story.