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Want To Book Me For Your Next Event?

Please provide us with following details:

1.  What's your Name


2.  Name and nature of Your Organization.

3.  What's the Occasion?


4. What topic you would like me to speak about?


5. Is my presentation the main event or is it a part of the main event? If it is a part of another event, please let us know about the nature of the main event

6. Tell us more about the audience: Age group, gender, education level, profession,

language they can understand. 


7. Should I speak in English, Hindi, Malayalam or a mixture of any two? 

(a) Full English

(b) Full Hindi

(c) Full Malayalam

(d) 80% English 20% Hindi

(e) 80% English 20% Malayalam

8.  What is the purpose of my presentation?

i.e. What is that you want your audience to takeaway?

9 Are you looking for:


a. 45 to 60 Minutes Keynote

b. Half Day (3 Hours) Seminar

c. Full Day (6 Hours) Seminar/Course

d. Two Day (12 Hours) Course

e. Three Day (18 Hours) Course

f.  5 to 25 Week Leadership Mastermind


10.  Tell us more about the location, venue (A/C, Non A/C), seating arrangement, Maximum capacity, Lapel microphone, White screen or LCD screen, Data Projector etc. (Or is the event Online?)

11.  In case of Keynote, is there any other speaker other than me?  If so, who are they?  Is my speech before or after those speakers? Is my speech in the morning, afternoon or in the the evening?

12.  What is your budget for my keynote/seminar/course/mastermind?

Thanks for providing all the necessary information.

Here to serve your better,


Farookh Sensei Learning Edge International (P) Ltd. ISKKA, India 676 107.  email:


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