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Farookh Sensei is very effective with his outside-of-the-box thinking. He is a great leader, coach, and trainer. Everything he does he does towards excellence. I would highly recommend Farookh to help assist you to succeed and win!

Jose Flores (USA)
International Motivational Speaker, Author & Coach  


I would like to acknowledge Sensei as a great coach and leader. I worked in his instructors’ team.  I admire his leadership and instructional skills and ability to motivate and inspire people. He always demonstrated excellent attitude and put people (both instructors and participants) in the center of all projects and studies.


He is brilliant in his subjects and he is able to apply innovative instructional concepts and methods I have never seen before. I learned a lot from him. For me, Sensei is a synonym of quality training and coaching. He is very reliable and supportive. Each and every team would be lucky to have Farookh Sensei. I would like to thank him for making me a good instructor.


Zheni Chaneva
IATA External Instructor (France) 

My experience with Sensei was amazing. I met him in Qatar. He is a man of integrity and honor.  He works with a quiet strength and stands behind what and who he values. It was a pleasure working with him and I look forward to doing so again. 

He is an asset in any project he chooses to do, as he pours heartfelt passion into it. I hope he picks me soon!


Dr. Yvonne Sum (Australia)

Author, Keynote Speaker, Transformational Coach, & Leadership Facilitator 

Yvonne |

Since 2003, any training program I attended with Farookh Sensei, truly helped me to develop myself, and the Mastermind program was no different, thanks to Sensei.  I personally gained a major lift in my Leadership traits by attending the Mastermind study conducted by Sensei. I am certain that this will assist me in all my future endeavors, I’m committed to living and leading each of the laws for the rest of my life. Thank Sensei and Team once again, stay blessed.


Manoj John 

Director - AeroConnections (Buying, Selling & Leasing Aircraft) 

Currently servicing 150 plus commercial airlines 
from more than 50 countries. 

First thanks to you Almighty !!! Yes, I found the right person in my life that’s Sensei. Yes, we can call him “a learned alchemist” who shares his thoughts with everyone who seeks personal growth & self-development. 

For me, he is my life coach & a mentor who ignites the light in my inner world & paves the path to my life success !! 

We focus on Lazer coaching for ultimate results in my leadership skills, exploring self & personal growth which can reflect success to people around us.  Thank you sensei for being my coach & life mentor


Yasar Shareef

Managing Director - Trico Global Trades Pvt Ltd.

Business presence in the Middle East, Philippines, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark & France

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-29 at 12.51.22 PM.jpeg

Sensei always leaves footprints in people’s hearts, and I am one of them. Being able to talk and listen to him is like taking yourself towards empowerment. Sensei empowers people, be it entrepreneurs like me, professionals, parents, employees, or whatever walks of life a person is taking.  He speaks to you by listening more. He speaks to you like you are speaking to yourself, allowing you to discover your hidden potential as a leader and as a person, thus, bringing out the best in you. 

As an Entrepreneur, he made me realize that the true essence of success is about helping your teams grow, transform, and feel empowered about themselves, rather than the financial display of stability. Sensei is indeed an excellent Mentor and a great Friend. 


Abdul Rauf Muthanikkat 

CEO – Tokyo Freight Services 

Branches in India, Qatar, Oman, UAE, and Germany 

It was totally amazing to be with Sensei under his coaching and to feel the Super High-Energy and to be inspired by his brilliant work. The knowledge he shares is an eye-opener for me and it helped me to improve my leadership skills. I really feel proud, happy, and honored to know him and to work with him, and recommend Sensei to all of you as a GREAT COACH and Mentor.


PB Zainudeen 

Co-Founder and Executive Director of Hotpack Global (UAE)

Branches in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, India, Morocco, USA, and the UK. 

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-29 at 12.39.14 PM.jpeg

Welcome to the $325 Billion Dollar Industry

About Farookh Sensei


Conducted training in the following 48 countries:

  • From a school dropout to a World Record Holder in education.

  • The only person in the world to have 41 IATA aviation qualifications

  • Winner of "The Icon of Greatness" Award 2020 (UK).

  • Doctorate from World Record University (UK) for achieving 8 World Records

  • From an introvert to Les Brown & John Maxwell Licensed Speaker, Teacher & Leadership MasterCoach to conduct training in 48 countries.

  • Impacted students from 139 countries speaking 39 different languages.  

  • From a back-bencher to Amazon International Best Selling Author.

  • From the weakest in class to 4 times National Karate Champion of India, and Asian Brand Ambassador to represent two World Karate Championships in Brazil & Italy.

  • From an unqualified pilot trainee to a 5 Star Airline Instructor to train experienced pilots. ​ 

  • Former IATA Course Director London School of Management (UK)

  • Former Talent Development Manager of Qatar Airways.

  • IATA ‘Outstanding Achievement’ Award Winner

  • ​Qatar Airways 'Best Technical Instructor' Award Winner

  • ​Qatar Airways ‘Best of the Best Trainer’ Award Winner

  • ​Qatar Airways Sapphire Award Winner

  • ​GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) HR Excellence Award Winner

  • ​Air India – First in Class Award Winner

  • ​Rotary International – Excellence Award Winner

  • ​Junior Chamber International – Outstanding Achievement Award Winner

  • ​Funakoshi Shotokan Karate - Outstanding Achievement Award Winner

  • Former Asian Bran Ambassador of WUKF (World Union of Karate-do Federation)

  • ​​World Union of Karate-Do Organization - 6th Dan Black Belt

  • ​World Union of Karate-Do Federation - 6th Dan Black Belt

  • ​Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation - 5th Dan Black Belt


I highly recommend Farookh Sensei. He is a great professional with unique instructional skills! I took a course with Farookh back in 2002 and will never forget what he taught me. Glad to also mention that I learned how to deliver training from Farookh, he has a remarkable inspiring character...just try one training course with him!


Mazen Bekdash,

VP Business Development at Kenyon International

University Instructor (Lebanon)


My thoughts about leadership have completely changed since I joined Personal Leadership Mastery. Sensei is teaching us that leadership is about serving others, not being served by others. I realized that leadership is a skill to be learned. The leadership lessons that I am practicing with Sensei have started making a tremendous impact on my life and profession. And moreover, the mastermind sessions and debates equip me to be a highly impactful presenter, facilitator, and speaker in my workplace and when handling clients. I am a better leader now to face multiple challenges. It made me more productive, connecting and influencing. I strongly recommend this program to everyone who is searching for a program that can take them to the next level. 


Rasheed Palliyalil,

Leadership Visibility Specialist & PR Consultant, Dubai 

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-29 at 7.51.45 PM.jpeg
DocScanner Jan 24, 2022 4.12 PM.jpg

We Transform Learners into Leaders


Hi Sensei,

Very happy to inform you that I got into the India Book Of Records.   Thanks a lot, dear Sensei for your guidance and support. You always motivated me to reach heights.  Words aren't enough to express my gratitude..

Everyone will be having one teacher who changed their life, to me it's you. Actually, I don't know how to thank you.  Masha Allah, you are always ready to serve us. You are the best teacher in the world. 😊You are like a candle, and have always lit my life...✨

It's easy to find a teacher but it's hard to find a great teacher like you.😊😊 We are so lucky to have you.
Thank you for molding me from a little girl to a certified professional speaker, presenter, and coach.
You helped me to turn my dreams into reality.  
Always thankful to you and The  Ledge International Team.


Hena Razack

Youth Empowerment Coach

16 years old Fathima Minha entered the book of records 
for being a motivational speaker. She has 18200 followers on Instagram 


WhatsApp Image 2022-06-26 at 5.26.22 PM.jpeg

Sensei speaks with passion, listens with patience, and encourages with conviction. He introduced me to a place within myself that was waiting to be heard, felt, and understood. Sensei’s coaching style is not on perfection but to embrace the imperfections and still move forward. I am grateful for his diligent sessions that keep me away from distractions and intently focused with ease.


Shradha Wtb (India)

Les Brown Gold Certified Coach, Speaker, Trainer & Bestselling Author

I joined the "Coach The Coach" program accidentally but it changed my life thoroughly. The world-class training program under Farookh Sensei's guidance, which focuses only on practical sessions helped me to achieve confidence as a coach. You are a true leader who inspires everyone around you and who practices what you preach.

I highly recommend this program for those who want to make a difference and add value to the life of other people.

Thank you Sensei for all your help and support

Dr. Manjula VD
Professor & HOD community medicine
Govt. Medical college Ernakulam

DSC_3597 (1).JPG

Farookh Sensei amazed me with his remarkable instructional and professional expertise. He inspires people while staying inspired by the people as well. The adaptable and agile lessons that he rendered on the approach toward a person or an idea are authentic and he successfully makes sure his followers imbibe the same. Coaching which appeals to the heart, mind, and soul seemed to be a daunting task for me. My sincere thanks to him for pushing me like anything to achieve my goal in coaching.

Dr. C. R. Jayasankar.

Personal Transformation Coach


I am so thankful to the Universe that I came across Mr. Farookh Sensei who is an outstanding speaker and a great leader.  Through his Mastermind session, I discovered many areas of improvement which I would have otherwise ignored.  I even made my first video which until now was just a dream.  I had the opportunity to conduct live training coaching session with my collaborator. It reminds me that changes within you is ongoing and is for the best. 

Parvinee Nandita Neerunjun (Mauritius) 

CEO & Transformational Coach - Realm of Guidance - Leading Others

Nandita |
liz 2.JPG

Hi Sensei, You are a great coach who adds value and changes the lives of many people. I am so lucky to have a coach like you who inspires me every day with your quotes and podcasts to be better than the day before. I consider myself fortunate to be able to learn from you and your experiences. Your words helped me to make it beyond what I imagined myself capable of achieving.

In the one-to-one session, you helped me to identify my weaknesses and turned them into my strengths. You pointed me in the right direction. You taught me how a shy and introvert can be a coach. I’m lucky to have found a coach who is friendly and always willing to help. I am thankful for you and blessed by you.

Thank you Sensei.

Dr. Lizy Sunny Stephen
AKS Global Principal Award Winner

It was an absolute pleasure to be coached by Farookh Sensei. The program Coach the Coach has truly opened my mind and cleared my doubts regarding one on one coaching and made me realize how we can impact or help others in different facets of their lives. All credit and my whole-hearted thanks to Farookh Sensei. A rating of 10/10 for this exceptional leader.'
Thank you

Dr. Adarsh Varma

Consultant prosthodontist and senior lecturer


Dr. Pauline Crawford Omps (UK) Gender Dynamics Expert

Farookh is an essence in the World. A connector, an interviewer, an inspiration. He gets you to think about things in ways you haven't thought about it before.  He asks you insightful questions and he really puts you out there for the world to see you how true you are. 


Capt. Shehzad Ahamed (India) Commercial Pilot

Everyone has ups and downs in life. It was at the time,when I was completely stuck and down in life, Dr. Farookh Sensei gave me a chance to be part of his Mastermind Program.  The results I gained from the  Mastermind Program is something which I can't describe in words.  I would have never achieved the position and happiness I am holding today, both personally and professionally,without Sensei' Mastermind Program.


Nasreen Variyawa (South Africa)
Amazon Best Selling Author

John Maxwell's "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership" Mastermind delivered by Dr. Farookh Sensei opened up doors in places I couldn't see before.  It gave me perspective, clarity, purpose and direction.

Most business leaders get stuck at some point in their life, so did I. Farookh Sensei was one who changed me to get out of the situation and made me move in the correct direction.  I feel so energetic when I hear Sensei's voice. He is a great motivational teacher as well as a great leader.


Harvard Business School Graduate
Founder & CEO TN Time

Marie |

My first experience with Sensei was through his inspiring YouTube videos and his simple yet powerful quotes. His videos "Dream Big Think Big" & "Find The Fire in You" totally ignited my burning desire to discover the ultimate potential within me and my team.

'Sensei' is one of the greatest gifts God has given me.  He is such an amazing and extraordinary person who's passion is for the goodness of others.  I'm his No. 1 supporter.

Rosemarie Galagar Buno (The Philippines)

Online Entrepreneur 

I liked the methodology used for coaching in the 'Coach the Coach' program.  'Theories through Practical sessions' is experienced by the students who attend this program. While observing Sensei’s live coaching session I was able to understand the ‘Power of One- the importance of focusing one at a time.  I was able to witness the change in the client before and after his coaching. From this program, I learned how to serve others to find their passion, remove their mental blocks & give clarity to their goals within 30 minutes.

I was able to switch from being just a counselor to a coach with the help of this 7-day program, along with the 21-day practical session. I started practicing these techniques in my group coaching sessions too. I can now proudly say that I am a result-oriented coach and I strongly recommend this program to those who wish to become result-oriented coaches.

Anish Mohan Kottayam

Personal Transformation Coach

JCI International Awardee – ‘10 Outstanding Young Persons of the World’

The Most Efficient Trainer (PwD) from Social Welfare & Justice Dept .of Kerala.

thumbnail_PP Photo.jpg

I joined the "Coach the Coach" program of Farookh Sensei and the experience was exciting. The program is very effective and result-oriented. He makes the concepts very clear and simple. He is very much approachable and is an authority on the subject. His worldwide exposure and association with the legends in the field, Les Brown and John Maxwell makes him unique. I could make a lot of reverse learning from him. I discovered my niche and would like to be known as a Personal Growth Coach in the future. I am delighted to be a part of Team Farookh Sensei!

Thank you Farookh Sensei, You are a King Maker!

Benny Kurian,
Personal Growth Coach
President of Synergy HR Solutions Cochin 
Vice President of Fraternity of Professional Trainers and Mentors (FPTM).
Conducted more than 3000 training programs worldwide

Sensei is a “born leader”... He's an exceptional, spiritual &  inspirational MasterCoach. He has the ability to actually transform lives to come up to their best versions. He empowers people to ignite their dreams, unleashes their potential, and fulfill their purpose. 

Most importantly he’s committed to developing life strategies that help people make positive changes. I would call him “Ocean of Knowledge”, where in every class with every dip we come out with knowledge & wisdom. Joining his program gave me an edge to work in this competitive new Online world. His techniques are so unique & real and are action-oriented & result-oriented too. The way he personally responded to my each & every query was remarkable. If anyone is looking to become a true leader--- Must Join Sensei’s Program. After joining him we get Knowledge, Intelligence, Powerful communication & most important a Collaborative Family for a Lifetime. Gratitude is a very small word for what I got from Sensei….

Dr. Rati Chandna
Founder Director Gurusthanam Technoschools (P) Ltd

Dr Rati.jpg

Welcome to the $325 Billion Dollar Industry

Hi Sensei, I am glad to inform you that I received my first coaching client within a week. You proved that it is possible for all of us to be successful coaches and achieve our goals. Thank you very much Sensei for your guidance and support to become an achiever in life and to be a Coach. Words are not enough to express my gratitude for the value you add to my life ....🙏 Shameera Buhari (Women's Clarity Coach)

Screenshot_20201022-171320_2 (1).png

I am forever grateful and happy to have been a part of the "Coach the Coach" program. It lifted my confidence to believe that I too can be a coach and lend out my hands to those who insist on clarity in life. 

I cannot thank my coach Farookh Sensei enough for lighting the path towards becoming a life coach so effectively. Believe me, you too can be a coach with the help of this program!

Safa Majeed

Communication Fitness Coach 

Farookh Sensei, you are an amazing presenter and a great coach.  Each and every session is a great learning experience that adds value to our life. Thank you very much for giving us clarity towards our goal, inspiring us to take action, and guiding us to move ahead confidently. Thank you very much!!! May God bless you and your family!!!

Shainy Kabeer

Personal Empowerment Coach, Qatar

Co-founder, Shine Together Foundation

The only woman from Qatar to represent in the World Kerala Sabha

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-06 at

I am Jayalakshmi Krishnan, engaging myself as a trainer of Malayalam Language for International students, both native and non-native learners. I have been to this for a couple of years now and was looking for some professional guidance on being a Certified Coach in Attitude and Communication. Then recently I had an opportunity to attend the "Coach the Coach" program by Farookh Sensei, and I should say that it has been an eye-opener for me in many aspects. He was able to inculcate the basic principles of coaching in me, and I am thankful for the direction and drive he was able to generate in me. I will definitely recommend Farookh Sensei and his sessions to all aspiring Coaches.

Jayalekshmi Krishnan
Personal Communication Coach for International Students

Welcome to the $325 Billion Dollar Industry

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