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Want To Kill Your Stage Fear and Transform into a Confident Speaker without Getting Nervous?

  • Do you get nervous when presenting at company meetings or job interviews?

  • Do you find it hard to make connection at social events and gatherings?

  • Do you pray not to be invited on stage to deliver a speech?

WARNING: This course may change your life for the better

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Would you like to:


  • Master the power of speaking

  • Target your speaking accurately 

  • Look comfortable, confident and relaxed in any speaking situation

  • Speak in a clear and understandable manner

  • Speak in a memorable way 

  • Influence your audience

  • Know exactly what to do when speaking to any size audience 

  • Deliver a truly exhilarating presentation that the audience will REMEMBER

  • Feel 100% confident when you step up to deliver your presentation

  • IMPACT on your audience

  • Keep your audience ENGAGED and INTERESTED throughout the presentation

  • Properly CLOSE your presentation



Welcome to the Dynamic Speaker Masterclass Certification Program. At LEDGE International, we develop leaders just like you to thrive so you can achieve massive success and live extraordinary lives.

Whether you are preparing to be a professional speaker/presenter or you are someone who does a bit of presentation as a part of your profile, you’ll want to be prepared for the presentations that you do. This masterclass will give you all types of training tools to help you create and deliver engaging, compelling presentations that will encourage your audience to come back for more. 

This masterclass dives deeply into the strategies, techniques, and tools you need to be an effective presenter. In this masterclass, you'll learn everything about adult learning. You will not only discover how to motivate adult learners, keep them interested, deal with challenging or disgruntled participants, and maximize learning, but you will actually do it yourself. 

The materials included in this masterclass are based on years of research and contain the most current information available to propel you to new levels of performance.

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Is this Course for You?

This course is designed for anyone that is interested in improving or learning public speaking and presentation skills, including but not limited to:

Students, business owners, business executives, business professionals, Corporate leaders,

C-Suites (CEO, CFO, COO), consultants, trainers, facilitators, corporate trainers, educators, teachers, counselors, keynote speaker, coaches, entrepreneurs, leaders, managers and human resources professionals, sales & marketing professionals, performers, aspiring public speakers, armature public speakers, professional public speakers, seminar leaders, advanced speakers who want to become a world-class speaker. 

Then, This Course is For You!


You do not have to have speaking or facilitating experience.  This masterclass is designed for new, aspiring, and experienced speakers. Medium of instruction is in English therefore participants must be able to communicate in English. A strong will to step outside of your comfort zone and practice the techniques is all that you will need!



MODULE 01: Effective way of opening a speech or presentation

MODULE 02: Adult Learning Principles & Styles

MODULE 03: Mindset
MODULE 04: The 4Ps and 7Ds of Professional Speaking
MODULE 05: Ethics of Professional Presentation
MODULE 06: Hook with a winning topic & seductive title
MODULE 07: Designing an effective presentation
MODULE 08: Crafting your closing
MODULE 09: The power of powerpoint 
MODULE 10: Kill your fear (Glossophobia)
MODULE 11: Action before the real presentation
MODULE 12: Effective communication
MODULE 13: Body language
MODULE 14: Dominate the stage like a rockstar

 From Fear To Freedom 

Meet Dr. Farookh Sensei

  • From a school dropout to a holder of 8 World Records in International Aviation Studies with 41 IATA qualifications. 

  • From a back-bencher to an International Leadership Master Trainer, Speaker & Empowerment Coach to conduct training in 48 Countries worldwide.

  • From the poorest performer in the class to 4 times National Karate Champion of India, and Asian Brand Ambassador to represent two World Karate Championships in Brazil & Italy.

  • From an unfit pilot trainee to a 5 Star Airline Instructor to train experienced pilots including Captains flying Super Jumbo Airbus A380s.

  • From an E - grade student to Amazon International Best Selling Author 

  • ​Licensed Coach, Teacher & Speaker with John Maxwell 

  • ​Licensed Coach, Teacher & Speaker with Les Brown 

  • Former IATA Course Director London School of Management (UK)

  • Former Talent Development Manager – Qatar Airways 

  • IATA ‘Outstanding Achievement’ Award

  • Qatar Airways ‘Best of the Best Trainer’ Award

  • GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) HR Excellence Award 

  • Qatar Airways Sapphire Award 

  • Air India – First in Class Award

  • Rotary International – Excellence Award

  • Junior Chamber International – Outstanding Achievement Award

  • WUKO & WUKF 6th Dan Black Belt and SKIF 5th Dan Black Belt (Awarded by Japanese Grand Master Hirokazu Kanazawa)

  • LinkedIn Social Icon
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

Conducted training in the following 48 countries:


I would like to acknowledge Sensei as a great coach and leader. I worked in his instructors’ team.  I admire his leadership and instructional skills and ability to motivate and inspire people. He always demonstrated excellent attitude and put people (both instructors and participants) in the center of all projects and studies.


He is brilliant in his subjects and he is able to apply innovative instructional concepts and methods I have never seen before. I learned a lot from him. For me, Sensei is a synonym of quality training and coaching. He is very reliable and supportive. Each and every team would be lucky to have Farookh Sensei. I would like to thank him for making me a good instructor.


Zheni Chaneva
IATA External Instructor (France) 

Sensei speaks with passion, listens with patience and encourages with conviction. He introduced me to a place within myself that was waiting to be heard, felt and understood. Sensei’s coaching style is not on perfection but to embrace the imperfections and still move forward. I am grateful for his diligent sessions that keeps me away from distractions and intently focused with ease.


Shradha Wtb (India)

Les Brown Gold Certified Coach, Speaker, Trainer & Best selling Author

Farookh Sensei is very effective with his outside of the box thinking. He is a great leader, coach, and trainer. Everything he does he does towards excellence. I would highly recommend Farookh to help assist you to succeed and win!

Jose Flores (USA)
International Motivational Speaker, Author & Coach  

Date: 24th & 25th August

Time 10:00 a.m to 06:00 p.m

Woodies Bleisure Hotel, Near Railway Station,

Kallai Road, Calicut, Kerala, India 

Total Investment *Rs 9700

Pay just Rs 700 Now

Pay the balance 9000 on the day of the workshop

*Travel & Stay not included

Medium of instruction: English 
Participants must be able to communicate in English


Direct Chat with Sensei on

WhatsApp: +91 9946 421919

Mazen |

I highly recommend Farookh Sensei. He is a great professional with unique instructional skills! I took a course with Farookh back in 2002 and will never forget what he taught me. Glad to also mention that I learnt how to deliver training from Farookh, he has a remarkable inspiring character...just try one training course with him!


Mazen Bekdash,

VP Business Development at Kenyon International

Freelance Trainer, University Instructor (Lebanon)


Most business leaders get stuck at some point in their life, so did I. Farookh Sensei was one who changed me to get out of the situation and made me move in the correct direction.  I feel so energetic when I hear Sensei's voice. He is a great motivational teacher as well as a great leader.



A product of Harvard Business School

Founder of TN Time News


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