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Discover The Fastest & Easiest Way To Become An Inspiring 10X Speaker From The Comfort of

Your HOME in Only 7 Weeks Even If you have No Experience in Public Speaking

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 Welcome to LEDGE International Speaking Academy 

Join a Legacy of Difference Makers

You are about to discover the most powerful tool on the planet and how to use it to become a high-profile leader and 10X your business by Speaking

What Makes this Public Speaking Program Different?

This program is focused 100% on public speaking training, techniques, and strategies designed to teach you how to use speaking to grow your business, make more money, change lives for a living, make a huge impact, and leave a legacy!


This program contains real-life speaking techniques, tools, systems, and blueprints that you can immediately use to create your own 10X speech when you complete this program.


Master public speaking, including practice, preparation, warmup, stance, breathing, awareness, and structure.


Learn how to influence your audience.  How to deliver an unforgettable public speech, and how to 10X your income!

What is stopping you from stepping on to the stage?

Don’t worry, together we can

  • Put your message into words

  • Create your signature talk 

  • Monetize your message

  • Get rid of the fear 

Join us and 100 future 10X speakers for 7 powerful weeks of revolutionary techniques and innovative strategies and learn how to create a 10X business by stepping on stage and into the spotlight.

What will You Learn?

  • How to craft your signature speech using tried and proven system

  • How to begin your speech

  • Different ways to begin your speech

  • How to attract the attention of your audience within the first few seconds

  • What to do and what not to do before, during and after your speech

  • Simple techniques that can make a positive impact

  • Simple mistakes that can make a negative impact

  • Best tools you may use

  • How to sell on stage

  • How to follow up

  • How to convert your audience member into annual members

  • How to leverage your time, effort and money

  • How you scale your speaking business

  • How to fight your fear to speak

  • How to put your knowledge and skills into action 

  • Art of telling stories

  • Lessons from great leaders

  • Art of giving and receiving feedback

  • The most important speech every business owner and executive must perfect

  • And much more....

Why Should You Become A Professional Speaker? 

  • Build Your Leadership skills

  • 10X your ability to empower and inspire others to take action

  • Influence people online and offline

  • Get interviewed in local and international media

  • Build your brand

  • Multiply your followers 

  • Bring out the true potential spirit in others

  • Make a difference in people’s lives

  • Add value to the market place

  • Travel nationally & globally

  • Facilitate seminars, conferences, forums 

  • 10X your income in a short time

  • Charge in 6 figure (lakhs) per hour C

  • And much more...

Zheni |

I would like to acknowledge Sensei as a great coach and leader. I worked in his instructors’ team.  I admire his leadership and instructional skills and ability to motivate and inspire people. He always demonstrated excellent attitude and put people (both instructors and participants) in the center of all projects and studies.


He is brilliant in his subjects and he is able to apply innovative instructional concepts and methods I have never seen before. I learned a lot from him. For me, Sensei is a synonym of quality training and coaching. He is very reliable and supportive. Each and every team would be lucky to have Farookh Sensei. I would like to thank him for making me a good instructor.


Zheni Chaneva
IATA External Instructor (France) 

Mazen |

I highly recommend Farookh Sensei. He is a great professional with unique instructional skills! I took a course with Farookh back in 2002 and will never forget what he taught me. Glad to also mention that I learnt how to deliver training from Farookh, he has a remarkable inspiring character...just try one training course with him!


Mazen Bekdash,

VP Business Development at Kenyon International

Freelance Trainer, University Instructor (Lebanon)


Yvonne |

My experience with Sensei was amazing. I met him in Qatar. He is a man of integrity and honor.  He works with a quiet strength and stands behind what and who he values. It was a pleasure working with him and I look forward to doing so again. 

He is an asset in any project he chooses to do, as he pours heartfelt passion into it. I hope he picks me soon!


Dr. Yvonne Sum (Australia)

Author, Keynote Speaker, Transformational Coach, & Leadership Facilitator 

How Does The Course Work?


  • This is a 100% online program

  • Duration of this program is 7 Weeks

  • The total number of sessions 47.  

  • One session a day

  • The first 3 sessions are FREE for you to decide whether or not to join

  • Every day you will be receiving a 5-minute long video coaching

  • Coaching videos will appear in the LEDGE Online Speaking Academy

  • Every day you will have the challenge to ensure your growth

  • Every challenge has 2 parts (a) upload your challenge (b) give feedback on a challenge uploaded by a buddy (peer) within the tribe

  • The challenge takes place in a closed peer group

  • You are not permitted to move to the next session unless you complete your current challenge to ensure your daily growth

  • Minimum time required to complete the program is 7 weeks.  You may complete the program within 12 months (52 weeks)

  • You will have access to the LEDGE Online Speaking Academy for 12 months

  • On completion of the course, you will receive a course completion certificate

Simple Step by Step Process

school checkout new.jpg

1.  Checkout Page: US$ 137.00

(Approx. Indian Rupee 9997.00).  

Note: In case you are using our Special One Time Offer (OTO), then this course (Dynamic 10X Speaker Program) is FREE for you! 

Payment Options: Paypal, Net Banking and Card

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2.  Thank You Page

You may go to your course library by clicking on the Continue Button

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3.  Payment Confirmation email

Always check your junk mail

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4.  Password Setting and Log-in details. Always check your junk mail

school library.jpg

5.  Course Library

Clicking on the Details button

will take you to the Course


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6.  Course Curriculum

Click on Active or

Week 1 Button

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7.  Classroom 

Week 1 / Day 1

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8.  Daily Challenge

Note: Every day you have a

challenge to post on Facebook

Closed Group.