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Are You Stuck?
I Can Help You Bring Clarity In Your Personal & Professional Life Much Faster & Easier Than You Could Ever Imagine!

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"There was a stage in my life, when I felt totally lost and confused. It was the stage of an identity crisis. Then I took the decision to attend the 45 minutes strategy coaching with Farookh Sensei. Looking back now, I realize that it was the best decision of my life. In the very first coaching session, I decided to be a Women's Clarity Coach. I was fortunate enough to receive Sensei's 6 Month One-to-one coaching program to become a clarity coach.


I learned to dream big and chase them. Few months passed. I transformed into a confident, mindful and happy person. Currently I am heading an IAS Academy in our region. I became a Clarity Coach and I support people around me to lead their life purposefully. It's amazing how Sensei keeps adding value to our life once we become part of his program. Even marvelous is how a few exercise, techniques and the simple truth reflected back in a calm and intelligent way made such a polar difference. For a transformation which I would call a metamorphosis, I am indebted to Sensei. I wish him all the best to continue his mission, meaningfully transform the life of thousands like me. Best Wishes and Prayers' - Shameera Buhari (Entrepreneur & Women's Clarity Coach)


Everybody needs a coach doesn’t matter whether you are a basketball player, a tennis player or an athlete.  We all need people who give us feedback that’s how we improve - Bill Gates 


Every famous athlete, every famous performer has somebody as a  coach.  Somebody who can watch what they are doing and say ‘Is that you really meant?’ Coaching really helps - Eric Schmidt (Former CEO of Google) 


Coaches have the ability to view things from afar — in what some call ‘helicopter vision’ — and to shed new light on difficult situations. Often they can act as a sounding board through tough decisions, help sharpen skills, and motivate - CFO Magazine  

Before You Book A Call Please Ensure....

✔ You are Coachable
✔ You are Willing to Take Action 
✔ You are committed to change your life for the better

A Coach Can Help You in Your Personal Growth

  • To improve your productivity and daily activity management skills.

  • To establish stronger boundaries so that your time and energy are respected by others.

  • To be more compassionate and less critical of yourself and others.

  • To address crucial issues, conflicts or situations.

  • To develop a greater understanding your role in connection to something larger.

  • To improve your confidence and improve your sense of self-worth.

  • To create a life plan that will help you to design the life you want.

  • To get your life under control.

  • To help you discover your purpose in life.

  • To identify and assess what your personal wants and needs are for fulfillment and satisfaction.

  • To cultivate a sense of gratitude and grace in your life.

  • To learn how to better prioritize your goals and responsibilities.

  • To break through the obstacles that stand in the way of achieving your goals.

  • To discover better ways to deal with difficult people in a constructive manner.

  • To develop and nurture your creativity in a way that fulfills you.

A Coach Can Help You in Your Health & Wellness

  • To learn how to manage stress and minimize its effects on your body.

  • To find a sense of balance or fit best meets your personal and family needs.

  • To improve your physical health, fitness and appearance.

  • To cultivate positive habits and behaviors that will better serve your needs.

  • To simplify your life. 

  • To improve your relationships with others or to find a nurturing relationship.

  • To make constructive changes to overcome major health or life challenges

  • To take better care of yourself in all aspects of your life and make self-care a higher priority.

  • To discover your personal needs and how to satisfy them.

  • To be happier and experience more joy in life.

A Coach Can Help You in Your Professional Success

  • To make changes or advance in your career.

  • To help with strategic planning for your business or endeavor

  • To be more effective in the way you work or manage your business.

  • To develop your ideas into work that is both financially and personally rewarding.

  • To become a stronger leader and learn how to better manage people.

  • To build your brand and position yourself as an expert in your field.

  • To learn better negotiating skills and how to value your work appropriately.

  • To increase your income and improve your financial security.

  • To determine appropriate action steps that will allow you to meet your goals.

  • To structure and organize your workday and schedule so you can get more done in less time.


I would like to acknowledge Sensei as a great coach and leader. I worked in his instructors’ team.  I admire his leadership and instructional skills and ability to motivate and inspire people. He always demonstrated excellent attitude and put people (both instructors and participants) in the center of all projects and studies.


He is brilliant in his subjects and he is able to apply innovative instructional concepts and methods I have never seen before. I learned a lot from him. For me, Sensei is a synonym of quality training and coaching. He is very reliable and supportive. Each and every team would be lucky to have Farookh Sensei. I would like to thank him for making me a good instructor.


Zheni Chaneva
IATA External Instructor (France) 

😎✌Farookh Sensei is very effective with his outside of the box thinking. He is a great leader, coach, and trainer. Everything he does he does towards excellence. I would highly recommend Farookh to help assist you to succeed and win!

Jose Flores (USA)
International Motivational Speaker, Author & Coach  

Meet Farookh Sensei


Conducted training in the following 48 countries:

  • Icon of Greatness Award (Greatness University UK)

  • ​​IATA ‘Outstanding Achievement’ Award

  • ​Qatar Airways 'Best Technical Instructor' Award

  • ​Qatar Airways ‘Best of the Best Trainer’ Award

  • ​Qatar Airways Sapphire Award 

  • ​GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) HR Excellence Award

  • ​Air India – First in Class Award

  • ​Rotary International – Excellence Award

  • ​Junior Chamber International – Outstanding Achievement Award

  • ​Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Association International - Outstanding Achievement Award

  • World Record for past 25 years for having the Highest Number of IATA (41 Aviation Certifications)

  • Broke own World Record 8 Times

  • Doctorate from World Record University (UK) for achieving 8 World Records

  • Conducted training in 48 Countries Worldwide

  • Amazon Best Selling Author 

  • ​Licensed Coach, Teacher & Speaker with John Maxwell

  • ​Gold Member, Licensed Coach, Teacher & Speaker with Les Brown 

  • 4 times National Karate Champion of India

  • Represented Qatar in 2 World Karate Championships (Italy & Brazil)

  • Former Brand Ambassador of WUKF (World Union of Karate-do Federation)

  • ​Former IATA Course Director London School of Management (UK)

  • ​Former Talent Development Manager – Qatar Airways 

  • ​World Union of Karate-Do Organization - 6th Dan Black Belt

  • ​World Union of Karate-Do Federation - 6th Dan Black Belt

  • ​Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation - 5th Dan Black Belt

Currently Students in the following 137 Countries Speaking 37 Different Languages

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Most business leaders get stuck at some point in their life, so did I. Farookh Sensei was one who changed me to get out of the situation and made me move in the correct direction.  I feel so energetic when I hear Sensei's voice. He is a great motivational teacher as well as a great leader.



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Founder of TN Time News

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